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Mr. Triggs' Page

Class Schedule:
Period 1- Chemistry
Period 2- Chemistry
Period 3- Innovative Science
Period 4- Physics
Period 5A Lunch
Period 5- Computer Science Principles
Raider Time
About Mr. Triggs:
I grew up in Mount Ayr and attended college at SWCC and NWMSU before finally transferring to Graceland University where I completed a Bachelor of Science in Science Education.  I student taught Biology in Bedford and thought of myself as a life science teacher.  My first 5 years teaching were in a shared position between Creston and East Union.  It was there I discovered a love for teaching the physical sciences.  The next 8 years I worked full time at East Union.  My focus was on teaching engineering and upper level sciences.  I was part of the leadership team and enjoyed building partnerships between teachers and departments.  I began teaching high school science in Mount Ayr in 2021.  My passion is in personalizing student pathways and providing unique opportunities for all types of students.  I introduced a new course, Innovative Science, and began teaching Computer Science in the first two years at Mount Ayr.  The students, parents, and school leadership are among the best.  I love being a Raider again.
Family- wife and three sons.
Farming- raising cattle, balancing rations, growing crops, commercial pesticide applicator.
Community- church, extension council, supporting small business, living in rural Iowa.
SCUBA Diving
Amatuer Radio
Anything Ag and STEM