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Having fun after rehearsals!! 

Hi, I am Shaun Kniep. I am one of the high school English teachers. I teach English I with freshman and the rest of my day is spent with seniors. I teach Speech, Communications (yearbook and student paper) and a dual credit College Composition course. When I am not in the classroom, I co-direct the high school plays with Tracy Giles, and coach the varsity and freshman speech teams.


My husband and I live in Mount Ayr with our twin daughters, They enjoy sports, music, and 4-H. We love to spend time together at the girls’ activities, whether they be school, church, or showing at the county or state fair. We enjoy movie nights, cooking, and spending time with one another. Besides school, I also serve on the Princess Theater Board, MACHS Hall of Fame Committee, and the Every Step Hospice board.


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Check out the Drama/Speech webpage at:

Drama and Speech Webpage

My class schedule:
8:30-9:12 - Study Hall
9:15-9:57 - Speech 
10:00-10:42 - College Composition through Southwestern Community College
10:45-11:27 - Communications
11:30-12:42 - Lunch and Prep Period
12:45-1:27 - English I
1:30-2:12 - Stuy Hall
2:15-2:57-  English I
3:00-3:30 - Seminar